Bee keeping project

The trained extension worker helps to keep the Bwindi Reformed Poachers and Batwa and there bee keeping projects up to date by encouraging them to clean there apiaries, inspect hives for bee performances, pests and diseases control among others.

The project also trains the Bwindi Reformed Poachers and Batwa to add value to there bee products. These include honey processing and packaging. Wax processing and production of other several products like candles, body lotions and wax hand crafts in wildlife images.

The Bwindi-Buhoma United Reformed Poachers Initiatives sell their products to the local people around Bwindi impenetrable forest

Most of the honey is sold locally however, mainly as food and medicine. Quite often patients who have burnt bodies come for honey as medicine as well as those with cough. Some people also use honey as sugar alternative in there tea and other hot drinks.

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