Food relief (Posho and beans) for the starving reformed poachers: Estimated budget is $3000

Capital Projects

We fund-raise in order to raise enough money for our operations needs to help keep our Initiatives running. We hope we make a convincing case for support for each of our program area on this website. However, we are also looking forward to expand our facilities as the number of people we serve continue to grow each day, therefore we also have a support need for capital projects.

Forthcoming Projects – In Need of Funding

The Reformed poachers & Batwa Bee Keeping Project is training both the Batwa Pygmies and reformed poachers value addition skills to increase income from bee keeping enterprise. A number of products are on the market including Wax art crafts in gorilla images, Wax candles in gorilla images Wax body lotions, wax sweets. Honey in various weights and shapes.

The project currently employs over 60 reformed poachers and Batwa in bee keeping and over 20 million bees are being kept in there respective hives. The project also trains reformed poachers and Batwa how to safely harvest honey without killing bees like use of a smoker, unlike before when they were still gatherers and hunters simply killing bees in order for them to robe them there honey.

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