Meet the team

Bwindi-Buhoma United Reformed Poachers Initiative works with Reformed poachers, local women and Batwa as employees and currently the number is 18.  These are energetic women and men who work tirelessly to improve their lives and the lives of others while offering much needed services in the community. The organization is headed by the Executive director Mr. Robert Byarugaba who owns a Bachelor of Science degree in Development Studies assisted by tourism assistant that welcomes visitors and guides them through our activities other five technocrats. The rest are local X-poachers, women and Batwa with special needs the organization has trained on the farms. The organization is proud to have recruited such vulnerable community people and empowered them to be helpful and rather resourceful in that special way and we consider ourselves to be a modal organization in that regard.

Our staff members are our most valuable resource; they help us to achieve our work that we do. The organization has the desire to recruit more professional man power on the team and continue adding more local people on the list of service in order to reduce on increasing stigma and make more grassroots people feel the ownership of nature and biodiversity conservation. This is still a challenge because the organization is not yet stable financially and many would love to work in the city doing off-farm jobs. We plan to improve on the attraction by increasing the working environment, pay salaries on time, provide accommodation for workers, focus on teaching, promoting staff who perform better and invest in local people through providing scholarships for them so that when they graduate they can come back and work with us.

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