Who we serve

Bwindi-Buhoma United Reformed Poachers Initiative is currently serving over 1,000 people in south western corner of Uganda. The organisation is located 12 hours of drive from Kampala the capital on poor roads and also one and a half Km from Bwindi Impenetrable National Park headquarters and two kilometers from Democratic Republic of Congo boarder. Many people here are subsistence farmers and live below $1/day.

 In particular we serve the Reformed poachers, Batwa pygmies, and women, living around Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Though the conditions seems to be tough, what we see at Bwindi Reformed Poachers project is people who are energetic, proud,  strong, caring and giving even when it seems there is nothing left to give. They are people who are determined to improve the quality of their lives and lives of their families. We help them to organize into groups and empower them with knowledge, skills and resources, necessary to transform their livelihoods. We also help to reduce on stigma of already stressed landless people through providing them jobs on the farm, keeping  them socially active working with others in village organized groups, have constant access to nutritious foods such as mushroom that help in boasting their body’s immunity a good alternative to bush meat and other wild edibles.

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